Expert Consultation

Consult with local foreign experts in various fields.


For experts

Experts who can consult in the relevant field

Scope of Consultation

Market information, project, major business operator, regulatory policy, entry strategy, customer, partner, investment, PR/marketing, technology localization, corporation establishment, law, accounting, patent/intellectual property, tax, HR, etc.

Consultation Methods

Consultation Methods - Provide Classification, Consultation time, and note information
Classification Consultation time Note
Online Video Call 30~60 mins Official language: English
Written Report Over 1,500 words

Consultation Process

  1. 1Application for expert registration and conclusion of a contract

    Including related information such as laws, confidentiality, and storage of consultation details

  2. 2Consultation request details can be checked upon approval of the expert
  3. 3Accept / change / reject the received consultation case
    • 1. (When approved by experts) Sharing information such as consultation hours and links
    • 2. (In case of change of expert schedule) Change schedule delivery
    • 3. (In case of refusal by experts) Detailed reason for refusal

    * When the operation manager delays the process within 3 days / in case of NO-SHOW / In case of rejection, follow-up management is carried out

  4. 4Expert consultation (submission of report)
  5. 5Consultation fee payment based on consultation result report or evidence (to be settled monthly)