Expert Consultation

Consult with local foreign experts in various fields.

Expert Application

To use the consultation service, you must agree to the terms and conditions below to use it.


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms of Service for Expert’s Untact Consulting System (the “TOS”) is to set forth necessary terms and conditions on the general use of services between National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA; the “Company”) and a party providing consulting services by using overseas market research services (the “Service”) of the Company (the “Expert”).

Article 2 (Notice of TOS and Effect)

  • ① The provisions of this TOS shall take effect upon notified to members by being posted on web service screen or through other methods.
  • ② The Company may amend this TOS as necessary such as for improving the use of the Service, and the amended TOS shall take effect upon notice by the same method described in Paragraph 1.
  • ③ Expert registration shall refer to the act of registering the services in conformity with the web service format provided by the Company with the intention to sell his/her services or registering relevant information in his/her profile. The Company shall have power to change the terms and contents of the web service, at any time, in whole or in part, with or without notification. The Expert shall check any change of the terms and contents of the web service in using the Service on a frequent basis and make sure not to be disrupted in the use thereof. The Expert may not raise an objection on the grounds that he/she has failed to give a quick response or has not been notified on any change of the contents, etc.

Article 3 (Definition of the Service and Targeted Users)

  • ① The Service is a free service by which the Expert gives consultation on overseas market information as requested by users for their expansion to the overseas market.
  • ② The Service may be used by subscribers who are registered as members after consenting on the ‘Terms of Service for Using the Expert’s Untact Consulting System’ (the “User”).
  • ③ The Expert shall provide the consulting services through the Company by consenting on the ‘Terms of Service for Providing the Expert’s Untact Consulting System’

Article 4 (Methods of Providing the Service)

  • ① The consulting service shall be made untact (via video call, chat, report) by foreign experts and finished by the relevant single research except for any circumstances where the Company acknowledges that there are reasons to carry out second research.
  • ② The consultation shall be provided in English in principle, and there is no duty to provide translation services.
  • ③ Other detailed matters necessary for the provision of consulting services may be notified separately.

Article 5 (Fees for the Service; Expenses Bearing and Period of Research)

  • ① Consulting fees for the Service shall be subject to government aid, and the consulting fees shall be discussed between the Company and the Expert.
  • ② The User shall separately bear services other than basic consulting services. Service fees other than for the basic consulting services shall be discussed between the Expert and the User.
  • ③ Duration of the Service shall be as specified in the following table. If any additional information is needed after the end of consultation, the Service may be additionally extended for 1 time. The User may use the Service by selecting 1 of 2 consulting methods.
    Fees for the Service - Provide Type of Consulting, Duration/Volume information
    Type of Consulting Duration/Volume
    • ① Video call
    30 ~ 60 mins
    ② Report At least 1,500 English words
    Submitted within 2 weeks from the date of applying for consultation
  • ④ Timing of a video call shall be determined in consultation of the User and the Expert, and consultation by report shall be provided within 2 weeks from the User’s request, in principle.
  • ⑤ The Expert shall bear 1 additional consulting request on followed request of the same user regarding the same subject without additional consulting fee.

Article 6 (Second Research)

  • ① For a completed project, second research is not conducted, in principle; provided, however, that the second research may be conducted in any of the following cases as determined in each of the following paragraphs:
    • 1. In the event where a research on the entire target information requested by the User cannot be conducted, second research may be conducted within the possible scope by re-confirming the change in circumstances.
    • 2. In the event where the Company deems that the research is impossible due to local circumstances or is unnecessary due to lack of marketability, the research may be suspended or withdrawn, and second research shall be carried out in whole or in part depending on the degree of the research.
    • 3. In the event where the User raises an objection against the research and the Company consents thereto, the second research or cancellation of consultation will be made.
  • ② If the Company deems that the information researched and responded information differs from what was requested by the User or that there is any error in the research, the second research may be initiated only for 1 time within 2 weeks from the end of consultation.
  • ③ The User may request an after-sales service in connection with insufficient consultation. In this case after-sales service signifies the 1 serial of video call consulting or 1 full form of consulting report Expert shall comply the additional request from same User on same consulting subject.

Article 7 (Obligations of the Expert)

  • ① The Expert shall provide identification information, register services for sale, manage transaction processes, send work products, and handle post sales activities such as after-sales service, based on the fiduciary duty in accordance with the procedures determined by relevant laws, terms of services, and separate terms notified in advance by the Company through the service screen. In the event of a violation of the acts stated, the Company may take action in accordance with internal regulations, and all responsibilities therefrom shall be borne by the Expert.
  • ② The person whose name is in the identification information provided for the Expert registration shall be identical to the Expert who actually provides the Service. In case of detecting any activities to assign, grant, or otherwise provide as collateral any right or obligation under this provision such as by subcontracting without the Company’s prior written consent, the Company may take measures in accordance with its internal regulations, and any and all responsibilities therefrom shall be borne by the Expert.
  • ③ The Expert shall specify his/her terms of service within the available work scope in registering as the Expert. The Expert shall only indicate facts on the service page in connection with the terms of service including, methods, and details of the project, etc.; guarantee authenticity of all indicated matters; and bear any and all responsibilities in connection therewith. For other exceptional scope of services, the Expert shall directly discuss with the User.
  • ④ The Expert shall faithfully respond to the User’s inquiries.
  • ⑤ If the Expert finds it difficult to normally proceed with the project due to unexpected reasons, the Expert shall notify the User of the occurrence of a cause for the cancellation of transaction without delay. Further, if there is a request for cancellation by the User, the Expert shall deliver his/her intention of cancellation as well as relevant causes to the User within 24 hours for the accepted request.
  • ⑥ The Expert shall, at all times, keep the information filled in his/her expert profile up-to-date.
  • ⑦ The Expert shall not use any personal information of other members such as the User which are obtained in the course of brokerage request in telecommunications sales and the performance of relevant contracts, for purposes other than specified in law, the TOS or the Company’s privacy policy. In the event where any personal information of other members or a third party that any specific Expert is dealing with has been infringed regardless of the Company’s intention or negligence, the Company shall not be held liable for such infringement, and the Expert shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless at his/her own effort and expense.
  • ⑧ The Company may request the Expert to modify his/her services by establishing its standards of registration for profile images, etc. for the purpose of promoting sales and increasing reliability of the services registered by the Expert, and the Expert shall consent on this.

Article 8 (Registration of Expert Service)

  • ① The registration of the Service shall be made by preparing and submitting to the Company a registration form provided by the Company; provided, however, that the details of services registered shall be determined after a full consultation with the Company before or after submitting the above application form.
  • ② The Service may be modified after registration. If any modification or addition is against the favor of the User, the information prior to final modification will apply.
  • ③ The Expert shall not use his/her ID or other member’s ID to register more than two services which are practically identical in their service details and conditions (“Identical Service”). For any registration in breach thereof, the Company may take necessary measures such as by suspending the duplicate services registered by means of specific procedures for the purpose of improving service search efficiency, etc.

Article 9 (Provision of the Service)

  • ① The Expert may continue providing the Service during the term specified by the Company after the Service is approved.
  • ② After the User makes a request for the Service, the Company shall notify the information on the submitted request of consultation to the Expert through notification channels such as e-mail. The Expert shall immediately confirm the notified information and make sure not to disturb the provision of the Service, and may check and manage the details of request through the screen showing notification from the Company and the service management.
  • ③ The Expert shall faithfully perform the requested consulting services.
  • ④ When the User finalizes “Completion of Consultation” after the end of the Service, the Company shall make payments in the method of overseas remittance (T/T). Other than this, the Expert shall, at all times, discuss with the User on the delivery of the service, withdrawal, and after-sales service, etc.

Article 10 (Purchase Confirmation and Proceeds)

  • ① When the User clicks [Completion of Consultation] on the service screen, the Company shall make a payment to the Expert as the Expert’s proceeds. The proceeds shall be subject to the following standards; provided, however, that in the case of domestic experts affiliated with corporations located overseas, separate discussion will be made.
    Purchase Confirmation and Proceeds - Provide Service Type, Duration, Payout information
    Service Type Duration Payout
    • Online Video Call
    30 ~ 60 mins US$ 100 ~ 250
    Written Q&A 1,500 words (English)
  • ② After completing the consultation, the Company shall make a payment to the Expert in the method of overseas remittance (T/T) to a registered account within 14 business days.
  • ③ Applicant fees incurred from overseas remittance (T/T) shall be borne by the Company, and the recipient fees incurred from the Expert’s receiving bank shall be borne by the Expert. Public charge and tax arising out of the payment of fees shall be borne in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  • ④ The Company shall issue, in a batch, the relevant month’s statement of payment on the remitted proceeds to the Expert at the beginning of the following month.
  • ⑤ The Expert shall designate the bank account to receive the proceeds from the Company when registering as the Expert, and may change the account as determined by the Company. The beneficiary of the account designated by the Expert shall be identical to the Expert (in the case of an individual member, such subscriber’s own name; and, in the case of a corporate member, such name of the representative or the business), in principle. In case of discrepancy between the beneficiary of the account designated by the Expert and the registration information of the Expert, the remittance of the sale proceeds may be withheld until proof of account-related documents that meet the applicable conditions is completed.
  • ⑥ With respect to the request for payment of proceeds due to delayed “Completion of Consultation”, if there is any express of intention by the User to get a refund or exchange after settlement of the proceeds, such issue shall be resolved by the Expert and the User, and the Company shall not interfere in or be liable for the issue.
  • ⑦ If the Expert is confirmed to have provided inappropriate services or have acquired the proceeds using unfair or unjust methods, or is suspected to have engaged in any activity equivalent thereto, the Company may choose to withhold the remittance of the proceeds up to 120 days or not to mediate the deposit/withdrawal of the sales price. In such a case, the Company shall make a remittance after checking the issue.

Article 11 (Expert Rating System)

  • ① In the case of “Completion of Consultation”, the User may rate the level of satisfaction on the relevant transaction and make reviews. This shall be done in on the transaction screen in accordance with the items and stages set by the Company, and contents thereof will be reflected on the ratings of the relevant service and the Expert.
  • ② Reviews may only be written by the User who were provided with the Service.
  • ③ Reviews are not open to the public, in principle.
  • ④ The Company may conduct the Expert assessment based on the satisfaction rating and reviews, and take necessary measures including restriction of the Service based on the result of the assessment.

Article 12 (Restriction on Use of the Service)

  • ① All consultation services shall be provided after the Company’s preliminary review, and the use of the Service may be restricted in any of the following cases; provided, however, that the use of the Service shall be restricted in principle in case of the cause in subparagraph 10:
    • 1. The research target is an item that is subject to restriction of exports/imports by the relevant country;
    • 2. Marketability of the relevant country is weak or there is no agency that imports the relevant item;
    • 3. The research target is an item that has already been investigated within 3 months;
    • 4. The research may cause disputes on intellectual property right;
    • 5. Excessive competition between Korean companies (referring to the companies of which principal offices are located in the Republic of Korea) are expected in a specific region due to the research target;
    • 6. Research performance is practically impossible during the given period of research due to special circumstances;
    • 7. Research is against the purpose of this business or may possibly breach business ethics and local laws such as the research on luxurious consumables for import purposes;
    • 8. It is deemed that the User’s request for research may be possibly abused for any mere re-sale of information to a third party or any equivalent sale after processing
    • 9. The User has not submitted materials required for the research; or
    • 10. Other member’s ID has been unjustly used.

Article 13 (The Company’s Disclaimer, Etc.)

  • ① Report on research results shall be used for reference only in the User’s business performance and not be used for other purposes.
  • ② Information provided by the Company shall be utilized for reference purposes in consideration of that it may include partial error or fallacy, and the Company shall not be held liable within the said scope.
  • ③ The Company’s provision of the information on an overseas importation agency to the User shall not constitute the Company’s guarantee of conclusion of transaction between the User and the overseas importation agency.
  • ④ The Company shall not be held liable for any general issue arising from the User not recognizing the above Paragraphs 1 to 3.

Article 14 (Copyright of the Service)

Copyright to the report on research results and the contents of the Service shall be vested in the Company, and reprint and resale thereof without permission shall be prohibited.

Article 15 (Non-disclosure Period of Report on Research Results)

The Company shall not externally disclose the report on research results for the period of 3 months as of the time point the report is delivered to the User.

Article 16 (Suspension of the Service)

The Company may suspend the provision of the Service in any of the following cases:

  • ① In unavoidable situations for the maintenance and repair of facilities, etc;
  • ② In case of stoppage of the telecommunication services by a facilities-based telecommunications business operator prescribed under the Telecommunications Business Act;
  • ③ In case of any other causes where the Company may not provide the Service.

Article 17 (Amendment)

In case of amending this TOS, the Company shall give notice at least 7 days in advance, or at least 30 days in advance if the amendment is not favorable to consumers.

Article 18 (Dispute Resolution)

  • ① The Company and the Expert shall make best endeavors required to resolve any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Service in an amicable way.
  • ② Notwithstanding the foregoing, if litigation is filed between the Company and the members, the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.

This TOS shall be effective from June 30, 2022.

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