Corporate Consultation

Consult with local foreign experts in various fields.


Purpose of Consultation

The purpose of the GIP Consultation Service is to connect Korean ICT firms with Overseas Business Experts. Through a 1:1 consulting session, Korean ICT companies will be advised by experts in each related field to resolve their concerns and questions. Ultimately, companies will be better prepared to expand business overseas.

Scope of Consultation

  • 1. Market Analysis : Market Demand, Competitiveness, Local Regulations, etc.
  • 2. Network Exchange : Local connection recommendations, HR recommendations, VC network, Investment, etc.
  • 3. Localization : Technological localization, Marketing, Legal, Accounting and Finance, etc.

Consultation Methods

Consultation Methods - Provide Classification, Consultation time, and note information
Classification Consultation time Note
Online Video Call 30~60 mins Official language: English
Written Report Over 1,500 words

Consultation Process

  1. 1Registration and Login
  2. 2Select Geographical Region / Consultation Field
  3. 3Select suitable expert and request for consultation
  4. 4Expert to accept/reject/ask for schedule adjustment

    * in case of rejection / schedule adjustment, expert must provide the reason

  5. 5Proceed with Consultation / Expert to submit Result
  6. 6Rate the session within one week upon completion