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First Name Vu Thanh
Last Name Manh
Job Title CIO
Region Asia·Pacific
Country Vietnam
Experience in the field of specialization Over 17 years of hands-on experience in software project management, programming languages and tools, including Visual C++ 6.0; PHP & My SQL; SQL server 2000; ASP; Visual Basic 6.0; C#; Python; ASP.NET; C/C++; JavaScript, HTML and DHTML. In the area of e-learning development, 17 years of hands-on experience in Moodle, edX, Adobe Captivate, other rich media e-learning development tools. Leads and manages complex e-learning development projects for large organizations, including LienVietPost Bank (over 7,000 staffs), MB Bank (over 8,000 staffs), integrated school management and learning management system for international clients, including St Paul American School and Olympia International School. Leads and manages environmental monitoring system (EMS) base on IoT technology and Big Data System with Apache Spark. Over 5 years working on optimizing production using data collected from machines, the environment, ... to generate reports, early error warnings, ...
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Mentoring/Consulting Experience I advise building information technology and information security systems for a number of organizations such as: OCD, Bitexco Power,
Mentoring/Consulting Experience Details
Outdoor activities.
Consultation field Local Regulations, Local connection recommendations, Technological localization
IT field Internet of Things(IoT), e-learning, information protection
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Consultation time TUESDAY(09:00~12:00)